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Protect your valuables with Liberty's Revere Series! The first in our lineup of 12-gauge steel bodies, the Revere Series is a great way of providing solid protection of your valuables at an affordable price. 2-piece steel body, a composite door, and 40 minutes of fire protection create a solid level of protection. This 12-gauge steel safe features three color options and Liberty's 3-in-1 flex interior that give you extra options to make your Liberty Revere work for you!

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,249
Payments starting as low as $28.41 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 18 Months Interest Free! OAC

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Revere Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 63 customers ratings and reviews

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The best gun safe
written by mr. fresno on March 13, 2017
got 23 revere. i wish i got revere 30 instead.

Great Safe
written by Rocko Indiana on February 14, 2017

written by MOWMAN on February 10, 2017

Peace and Security
written by Bill on October 5, 2016
For a long time I have wanted a safe to store and safeguard my guns. This safe looks like the ideal one for me... I am more relaxed than I ever have been, knowing that someone cannot just come into the home and take my most important possessions... It's great to know exactly where ''X'' is or where ''Y'' is and be able to locate it NOW.. I have looked at a lot of safes and one is great....

Liberty Revere
written by Rick on August 28, 2016
We love our new safe. We have two small children, and we have been wanting to get some firearms. There was no way we were going to get any firearm until we got a safe. The Revere is perfect for what we need. Now, we have firearms in the house with zero worry knowing they are in our safe and completely unattainable by our kids.

Excellent Experience All Around
written by Mike C. on May 16, 2016
Great product. Excellent quality, the warranty is next to none. I received great customer service from the local retailer that led me to purchase a Revere 23. The Revere 23 works great as a home / gun safe. No complaints what so ever. I would definitely recommend a Liberty Safe to anyone.

Great protection for a great price!!
written by Smokey on April 23, 2016
Great protection for a great price!!

Liberty Safe
written by Ken1911 on February 17, 2016
This is my 3rd Liberty safe. I am very happy with the quality and features of the safe I bought. The dealer T&T Liberty Safes has a great selection and the best prices I found. The door panel is a great add on to have. This safe will last a lifetime.

Great Safe
written by Dave2348 on February 15, 2016
Safe was above my expectation, was just the perfect size and space for my needs. The price is a good value and if I need to upgrade, I will buy a Liberty Safe.

Thank You - Dave C.

Great Safe
written by liz on February 8, 2016
Very pleased with my safe. very easy to open. Easy access to my items, love the installed lights.

Best safe ever
written by Mike on February 7, 2016
This is a bad ass safe I love it

Really Well Made Gun Safe!
written by BiggerBlessings on September 11, 2015
We are so excited about our new Liberty gun safe!

We especially like that it doesn't have a flimsy electronic access; but, instead a well made heavy-duty spin dial lock.

The seal around the door actually seems like it would protect against fire.

Additionally, the Care Manual is well written and gives good advice about where (within the safe) we should store various items (ammo versus paperwork)


Revere 23 Registration
written by Jim on August 3, 2015
5 stars

Made in the USA !!
written by " Say When" on June 3, 2015
This is my second safe. You can not beat the quality. At the end of the day it is made in the USA !

Very Reasonable Price
written by Jimmy P on May 13, 2015
Such great quality for such a reasonable price. I shopped around for a couple weeks and couldn't find A better deal anywere!

Can't beat the price of product
written by scanman524 on March 12, 2015
If you want the best spend a little more and get the best you won't be sorry. Check out the torture tests these safes are put through and compare them to the competitors, there you will find there is no comparison.

Excellent safe, fit for purpose
written by Johnsosg.engr on December 10, 2014
Excellent safe for safeguarding paperwork and valuables, from fires and break-ins. We live in a city, where fire services are nearby, so a high fire rating was not necessary. This is the perfect solution for a home safe and doubles as our safe-deposit box.

Product is Good - Delivery is Not
written by Arthur on November 2, 2014
I'm overall happy with the safe itself. However, the delivery personnel was horrible. They were extremely rude and unprofessional. I would not recommend purchasing from T&T Liberty Safe, Inc. in Clovis, CA.

great safe
written by Joe on August 22, 2014
I am very impressed with the construction of Liberty safes. They are, without a doubt, superior to their competitors.

Great American made product
written by Jorge on July 7, 2014
Impressed by all its features would definitely recommend to anyone trying to buy a less expensive safe

good experience
written by jim a. on April 13, 2014
Great sales, great service, great safe.

written by Me on March 30, 2014

Liberty Revere RV20
written by Bruce on July 20, 2013
Sales staff and delivery guys were first rate.

written by Pcas on July 8, 2013
This thing is a great quality safe for the price. Great door organizer also!

Revere 20gun safe
written by happy buyer on April 23, 2013
Liberty makes the best safes there are and it is very apparent by the quality of my safe. definitely recommend.

Great Safe!
written by Riley on April 9, 2013
Nothing, I mean nothing beats these safes for their warranty and all around quality. Thank you.

written by LOCKSMITH LOCATOR on April 6, 2013
Liberty's Response:
We'll have Dan Moore contact you to see what's wrong with your safe. 

Excellent entry level safe
written by David from Madera CA on April 1, 2013
As the title says, I chose this safe because it had everything I wanted....size, color, NO keypad,interior, MADE IN THE USA, and comes with a transferable lifetime warranty...the interior is Excellent, pre drilled holes for securing to floor and slot to add electrical, the finish is nice with no flaws,and it feels solid and heavy for its size...I only have some small complaints, door needed to be adjusted for being to tight when locking bolts were engaged and it sounds like something is loose inside the door, as if I wiggle it back and fourth there is a metal to metal banging noise,not deal as for the shipping, EXCELLENT!...the shipping crew was very professional,friendly, and exceeded my expectations,Thank You Liberty Safes!

New safe.
written by Mully on March 15, 2013
Made in the USA, great quality, lifetime warranty. From sales to installation, very professional experience. Thank you.

Revere Safe
written by RG on March 1, 2013
This is a solid safe that is built in the USA. I especially like the flexibility of the SG D-Drive combo

Satisfied customer!!
written by Safe28 on February 16, 2013
So far so good. Plenty of room to lock up my collection. Smooth easy access, nice looking finish not an eye sore.

written by Blamesponge on February 14, 2013
Good Quality Safe

Excellent, beautiful
written by BiG b on February 8, 2013
Very beautiful. Can put any where in your home. Great price and warranty...

great safe
written by Big Rafael on February 5, 2013
This is my first safe that I purchased and I am very pleased with the product. I have little children in the house and need this before I bring any weapons into the home. Now that the safe is in and bolted down it's game on! This safe is large enough for a person starting out a collection and other valuables.

Excellent Quality Gun Safe
written by Ben W. on January 29, 2013
I was really impressed with the fire protection and theft warranty that Liberty Safes offer. What this means is if your safe is ever damaged or destroyed by a burglar or fire, then Liberty will replace your safe. The quality of the powder-coating is top-notch. The inside is carpeted to prevent scratches to your precious toys. The electronic lock makes it a breeze to enter your safe quickly. (I really hate rotary locks.) The only thing I wish I can do is turn off the electronic chirps every time I press a key, successfully unlock the safe, or re-engage the lock. Sometimes, a little discretion is wanted.
Liberty's Response:
There is a new feature on the new Titan S&G low profile electronic lock (and on the new Titan D-Drive lock as well) where you can turn off the chirps.

Note: if you need to determine which electronic lock you have, go to our electronic lock tuturial on our website under our services and support/electronic locks.

If you have the new Titan lock, press 78 star, enter your 6-digit master code, hit the # key, you'll hear 5 chirps; then press 0 for no sound, 1 for low, 2 for high. Hit the # key again. You must confirm by entering 0 and the # key again. It's on page 10 of the new use and care manual. 

Safe and Sound
written by Travelnut on January 26, 2013
I had a little bit of trouble when my first safe was delivered. There were two small holes in the corner's of the interior frame. I was assured that they didn't compromise the fire integrity of the safe but I still wasn't thrilled. I visited the store where after explaining my concerns to Dirk the owner, he authorized me to get a replacement safe. He was kind, didn't dismiss my concerns and took care of the problem very professionally. The men who delivered the safe were competent and took great care not to cause any damage to my home in the delivery process. Although I had some initial issues with the safe, I would definitely recommend Liberty Safes to my friends and family. Thanks for standing behind your product!

Only 1 Choice
written by Bill on January 22, 2013
Fit and finish of this safe was great, capacity and adjustability of the interior should fit all buyers.

Revere USA
written by MAID N USA on January 22, 2013
Consumer friendly in using and looks nice with any decor no matter where it is placed.

New to the safe world
written by Flew Em on January 22, 2013
Just purchased, adjusting the shelves for all my equipment, nicely constructed. Nice to buy something made in America that's put together well.

Christmas Gift
written by Brian Hance on January 11, 2013
I purchased a TNT Liberty Safe as a Christmas gift for my son. Customer service was EXCELLENT before and after the sale. Delivery and installation was worth its weight in gold, which I highly recommend. The Revere Series an Excellent safe for my son's first safe. it will be a part of our family as long as I live, even as he progresses to a larger TNT safe.

2 years of waiting
written by David from Bakersfield Ca on January 6, 2013
After 2 years of staring across the room at the Liberty safes I finally pulled the credit card out and brought one home. It is for the money head and shoulders better than any of the box store comparable safes. Besides that ..Liberty Safe Sales personnel know why,what,where,when..the others don't even have a clue nor even suspect they don't. A great safe and fits perfect in our closet..wish I had made the purchase years earlier..

Revere Safe
written by McDougal on January 3, 2013
Just purchased. Looks and functions great so far. Great security for price and product!

Safe, Reliable, Fair Price
written by New Buyer and Gun Owner on January 2, 2013
Loved the design and simplicity of the design. Definitely a fair price for a high quality safe. Love everything about it. Best buy of the year.

Revere 20
written by CJ EOD on January 1, 2013
Outstanding Safes !!!

Mtn Jack
written by Mtn Jack on January 1, 2013
Good safe for the money, pay a little more and buy American. Great warranty too.

First Gun Safe
written by J.D. on January 1, 2013
I am quite pleased with my Liberty gun safe. It gives me a better sense of security when I leave my home, knowing my possesions are protected. I purchased my safe from T & T Liberty Safes Inc. in Bakersfield. The owner & sales representatives were great to work with, I'll be a return customer...

satisfied customer
written by Bob on December 31, 2012
I was pleased with the sales staff and how they handled the sale. I was also pleased with the delivery and installation of the safe. The man was quick and very well informed with what he was doing.

written by Art Hunter on December 28, 2012
American made and the quality shows

Solid product
written by paulpo69 on December 27, 2012
Excellent fit and finish, plenty of room for my stuff. Will purchase another Liberty safe when I run out of room in my current one.

Top of the line
written by Mark on December 22, 2012
A great safe for the money. Sure you can save some money buying a cheap safe at Wal-Mart but how often do you buy a safe? It is better to get the quality of a Liberty safe, and feel assured that what you want protected is protected. I am 46 and this is the first real safe I have purchased. I am so very pleased that I paid a little more but got the great quality of a Liberty safe.

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