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Ammo Can
Made in the USA


Security for your Ammunition

Secure your ammunition with Liberty's AMMO CAN. 3 integrated shelves and dual locking bars create the toughest ammunition storage cabinet around! Key lock entry, black textured finish.

5-Year Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $499

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Ammo Can Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.4 out of 5 stars for 9 customers ratings and reviews

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ammo can
written by pb on December 1, 2018
needed storage for ammo and to clear up space in gunsafe.. This ammo can seems to meet all my needs. lots of storage. Understand it is not fire rated but does what is advertised.

Ammo Can - good choice
written by KJ on March 23, 2018
I did a lot of looking and settled on the Ammo Can based on what you get for your money: Made in America! Well made - good fit and finish, good size for intended purpose, key v. combo lock. Great for simple security against unauthorized access and smash and grab punks.
This is not a full blown, fire rated, theft proof safe - it's not designed to be. This fits my needs of securing ammo for now, and can be used for other things if I ever need to upgrade the security level.
Thinking about getting another one...

A good way to store valuable ammo.
written by JGB on April 24, 2017
The Ammo Can offers a good way to store ammo. There is little out there commercially that is specifically designed to do it without entering into more complex doors system of gun safes.. Wish the interior dimensions and shelves were a little higher by a 1/2 inch or so each which would accommodate Plano type ammo boxes stacked 2 high.

Liberty Ammo Can
written by Jeff on August 24, 2016
Had too much ammo piling up in my gun safe. The ammo can was exactly what i was looking for to free up some space and keep my ammo secure.

written by puttputt56 on May 6, 2015
I needed a secure place to store all my ammo and not in my gun safes. This product meant all my needs!!

Ammo Storage
written by Colin Glencannon on March 28, 2015
Just what the doctor ordered to keep your ammo locked and secured.

Great product
written by Gronk Bronson on February 1, 2015
I have been looking for a affordable ammo storage safe for a few years. I didn't want to purchase another gun safe just for ammo. This is exactly what I have been looking for at a price I would expect to pay for this level of security.

Too much money for what it is
written by roofdog1 on October 5, 2014
Now that I have it in place at home, the door opening is tweaked and the door won't shut. The box isn't strong enough to not conform to irregularities in the floor. I haven't tried shimming yet.

Although I'm getting the feeling that this safe would be more fairly priced at $200., at least I only paid $400. instead of the msrp of $500.

For the same money I wish I'd gotten a regular gun safe on sale and built my own interior. At least I would have gotten a fire rating, vastly better and secure locking door and lock , and perhaps thicker steel.
Liberty's Response:
We will contact you to see if we can walk you through adjusting the door to work right for you. It is a pretty easy process and should make you a lot happier. 

Stickers on the front
written by Brandon Zollinger on May 8, 2014
Most Liberty safes come with the lettering painted on, the lettering on this is just stickers which is a disappointment, as mine had a letter already scratched when I got it. They say it comes with fire board, but do not give it a fire rating and the warranty is only 5 years opposed to the lifetime warranty on the rest of the product lineup. Also, the guy on the Cabella's youtube video says the shelfs hold 250 pounds, but liberty says they hold 150lbs.,which is it?? One more thing, in the video the handle is an actual handle(this part doesn't bother me), but someone needs to get the story on this product together. All together decent quality, but money may be better spent on a cheap safe.
Liberty's Response:
The ammo can does come with a sticker, we do that because some folks don't want people to know what is in their safe, so they will remove the AMMO CAN sticker. We can send you a new letter out if you would like one. This unit does not have a Lifetime Warranty because it is not a safe and is not built to be as secure as a safe. The shelfs have been tested to hold over 250 lbs, but we don't recommend more than 150 to ensure they last a good long time. The handle was changed after the pre-production video was made. There is now a new video with the current updates. I hope this helps clarify. The Ammo can is a sweet storage option for your Ammo. You will be happy.