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Colonial Series

Great Features - Better Value

Liberty's Colonial Safes offer 50% more fire protection than other safes at the same price - making it an amazing value! Packed with Security Features like 60 minutes of fire protection and 4-sided military-style locking bars that are 4" wide and 1/4" thick! Colonials are built to protect without breaking the bank. 9 Color options and included Door Panel are a nice touch to this granite security gun safe. Plus, for more flexibility on the inside, check out the all-new COLONIAL 50 EXTREME and its 6-in-1 Flex Interior!

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,649
Payments starting as low as $37.51 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Colonial Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 79 customers ratings and reviews

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written by JB on November 6, 2018

A safe you must owen
written by Tucker Swan on October 28, 2018
This safe checked all boxes. you literally cant go wrong with this safe. Theirs a lot to say for peace of mind

Best safes ever
written by Brian ca. on July 28, 2018
Very well built safe nice looking would recommend to everyone

written by Capt. Black on July 18, 2018

An Heirloom purchase Im proud to have made.
written by Tommy Thompson on April 27, 2018
Lets be honest here, buying a safe isn't as easy a feat as you might think. I started out with the cheapest, most embarrassing excuses for protecting my prized possessions. From the hard plastic case with a cheap padlock, to the gun locker you could pry open with a fork.

Sure they got me through the college years and a bit further. But the point finally came where it was time to quit kidding myself that they just werent going to cut it anymore. As a new parent I learned quickly that my half-assed excuses of a safe just werent capable of protecting the things in my life both in and out of the safe.

Liberty Safe is a name, a brand that people know. While I hope that my home will never be burgled; A snarky smile comes to my face imagining an intruder laying eyes on the titan of a Safe before them. The big "L I B E R T Y" text gleaming down at them as if to instead read "Yeah good luck getting in here".

And the safe feels that way to. The moment you open the door, its smooth as butter; heavy and solid. I came from storing my precious paperwork and firearms in a tin can of a Gun locker that now I barely feel is adequate enough to store my spent casings in. Everything about my new Liberty safe feels good. And that makes me feel proud to have made the leap to purchase it. There are few peices of furniture I've purchased in todays day & age that immediately have the resounding confirmation of "Someday my children are gonna hate having to move this when I leave it to them".

In closing; Im very proud to have purchased this safe. While it was far from cheap, Im confident I've made the right purchase.

Liberty safe/The pluses of owning security at home..
written by Maxx Brands on April 20, 2018
It sure is purity. It gives me peace of mind when I leave the house because it's so big and strong too!!

Happy and Satisfied
written by Brudd on January 16, 2018
quality is great and I'm really satisfied, CHEERS

written by Caption Ticky on January 9, 2018
I have found that this product can be trusted with security.

Awesome safe
written by Rodbrnr55 on January 8, 2018
Awesome safe I have a lot of guns being a welder I build my first safe . After I started thinking about buying a liberty safe I looked at them for years.. I finally realisted that I need to invest in a better safe . So I took my dad over to them he is 87 and he told me I think we need to buy two of I did what a blessing. My house gets broken into before I got my safe. Thank god I have security system it went off and they got the heck out of there.before the police got there. Now I feel a lot better having a good safe I can leave town with out a worry thank you liberty safe company

Outstanding American made quality!
written by Mike in CA on December 10, 2017
Did my research on mid level safes. Yeah you can but a little cheaper at Costco or Tractor Supply etc. But read the stories of what happened during break ins or fires with those cheaper safes. If you are just keeping the kids away, I get that. For anything else (theft, fire) get a better safe or whats the point? PS, always get one a size bigger than you need, don't ask me how I know. LOL

written by Rafael Caro Quintero Jr on November 5, 2017
Excellent safe, well built. Feels solid when bolted to the ground.

Great Safe at a great price
written by Tom, California on November 3, 2017
This safe is a great deal when on sale. Holds everything I need. Liberty safe in my opinion are the best safes on the market. This is my second one! Love it!!

Feeling 'SAFE'!!
written by Ed and Lea Ann on September 29, 2017
After debating and shopping for over a year, we finally have our beautiful Liberty (Colonial Series) Safe. We feel much more secure with the ability to place items of value in a place where it should be protected from potential theft or fire. It's large enough for our current and future needs. Peace of mind CAN be bought!!!

written by coachped on September 29, 2017

When you open this safe, you KNOW it is of the highest quality.
written by Supertrack on September 23, 2017
Just swinging the door open or closed lets you know it it very high quality. The combination lock works very well, and the fit and finish are solid. Could not ask for a better safe or company. Very pleased to own this.

Best safe/Best Customer Service
written by Charlie Ranger on September 21, 2017
Have owned several safes in my lifetime. For financial reasons have skipped over liberty safes. Well as the old story goes, "You get what you pay for. The cheaper 2 brands I bought never really worked that well and the delivery was only curbside. I accepted that, unfortunately. Their locks seem to go first and the quality was far from perfect. I out grew them both and tired of the second one I bought due to multiple repairs. This time I decided to spend more money and glad I did. From the the knowledge of the salesperson to the delivery and installation, I have nothing but praise. The dealer talked me into a larger safe, plus getting it bolted to cement slap, which I thought I didn't need. Guess what, first day after delivered and installed The darn thing is almost full and when door is open I notice no wobbling and door is balanced. That's a first for me. The key pad is easy to use to the touch. My last keypad you had to press hard and still had trouble, sometimes even getting locked out for 30 min. before trying again. Had the thing repaired four times in 6 years, still to know avail. I thank the sales person in Clovis for his knowledge and thank you Liberty Safes.

written by T.P. on September 14, 2017

written by BIG JOE on September 11, 2017

written by ds on August 27, 2017

written by kjvolt on August 15, 2017

written by Stubob on August 7, 2017

Lock it up
written by Happy camper on July 17, 2017

written by Mike Palledorous on July 5, 2017

written by Tom M. on June 28, 2017

written by BIG OG on June 23, 2017
Safe just arrived to home ready to enjoy and keep everything safe.

Great safes
written by Jeremiah on June 2, 2017
The safe is very good quality with lots of room for guns and storage, the people at Liberty were very helpful and professional

Great Lock
written by Badgerman on May 24, 2017
Love the electronic lock. Simple, fast and even my wife can get things in a hurry. The wheel is easy to spin to open or in reversing to lock it up. Would like the door to swing open a little further to right so there is better access to the shelving. Great sales and delivery team.

written by GUILLERMO RAMOS on May 15, 2017

Great safes!
written by Anonymous girl on May 14, 2017

Its an excellent choice
written by AGD on February 27, 2017
Right size, right price, excellent warranty, what's not to love!

Good product! Good company!
written by Miss Wings 92 on February 4, 2017
We are so thankful we bought a Liberty Safe. It has given us peace of mind! Knowing that our important things are there and safe brings peace. Thank you!

First safe
written by BigTGrande on December 31, 2016

Excellent Quality, Excellent purchasing experience
written by JSR on December 16, 2016
I researched gun safes for a while before selecting the Liberty Colonel 30. They have a product line that would fit anybody's needs and budget. I purchased mine for the size, quality and that it's made in America! I recommend checking with your local gun shops for their services that you can get along with your purchase, delivery & setup.

Best safe ever!
written by Thomas Murrell on December 3, 2016
All I have to say is this safe is amazing and is great quality! I feel a lot safer having it in my house to protect my belongings!

Great safe
written by NancyT on November 10, 2016
Great safe. Well built and lots of sizes and options to choose from.

Intelegent choices
written by CSM Liles on October 25, 2016
I purchased the Col 50. Would love to have purchased the larger safes but practicality and the wife brought me back to my senses. Basically I just outgrew my old safe and this will definitely take me into the future. You can buy more fancy safes but dollar for dollar, this safe is perfect!

Beyond Satisfied with my new safe
written by Kyle R. on October 16, 2016
I've wanted a safe for years. When visiting a friend he showed me his Liberty safe. I was impressed with the quality of his safe and he said he wouldn't buy or recommend anything other than a Liberty Safe. I shopped them and scoured the internet, as I always do with a major purchase. I wanted to do my research before I made a purchase. I went to the local Liberty dealer (T&T Liberty Safes) and after the salesman educated me on the features of the safes they carried, I bought 2 Bronze Colonial 30 Liberty Safes, one for me and one for my son. We are thrilled with the quality and features of these safes, and we have the peace of mind of knowing our firearms and valuables are secure. I have no reason to ever look elsewhere when making a safe purchase or recommending to friends and family. These are the best!

written by Geronimo on October 9, 2016

Great product!
written by Mora on September 19, 2016
This safe is well made with good reviews from other buyers. I love it!

written by Jason W. on September 3, 2016
T&T Liberty Safes are made in USA and are great quality. Very proud I purchased the Colonial Series. Had it delivered and it looks great in my formal living area. Gives me the piece of mind that my weapons are protected and safe.

written by PROUD AMERICAN on August 9, 2016

Finally got a Liberty
written by Rooman on August 6, 2016
Great Construction, great interior. Picked it up at the Mid-State fare from T&T Safes (registered dealer)

Don't wait till its too late
written by Kevin on June 16, 2016
I live in the country and was almost a victim of a burglary. Luckily a neighbor scared the two masked guys off that were preparing to break out a window. Since I have a few firearms, I felt it best to lock them up so these types of people can't get ahold of them.
A deputy sheriff told me that Liberty safe is high quality and recommended I checkout the local dealer. I took her advise and purchased a Colonial 30. I'm now confident that no future burglars (if any) will be getting any of my firearms or other valuables.

Best safe
written by AJ on June 3, 2016
Looked at multiple safe company's but kept coming back to liberty. Bought one and love it. A Great looking strong American made safe thats worth the investment

Got a safe
written by Richard on March 14, 2016
Had the safe delivered and setup, everything went smoothly. Delivery man showed how to use the safe and how to rearrange the shelving. The inside and outside finish was to my liking, nothing fancy, but very functional and clean. I had bought the size the I needed and then some even though it is one of the smaller safes it fits perfectly where I had it installed.

colonial 50 safe
written by Rey Mendoza on February 4, 2016

Keep America Working, Made in the USA
written by Joseph Basile, Clovis, California on January 30, 2016
Looks great in my master closet. Plenty of room, not too big or too small, just right for my needs
I feel very secure!!

Colonial 23
written by MBlackney on January 7, 2016

Excellent safe
written by NLClay on December 14, 2015
The Colonial is the perfect size. The interior is versatile and helps in arranging the contents.

colonial 50 safe
written by Craig on December 3, 2015
5 stars

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