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Fatboy Jr Safe


Liberty's FATBOY Jr is the hot priced, wide-body safe that holds UP TO 48 GUNS! The FATBOY Jr. has the same security and fire package as the Liberty Colonial Safe, including 60 minutes of fire protection. Rest assured, when you're looking for a wide-body safe, at a great price, and storing lots of's the FATBOY Jr. by Liberty!

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,749
Payments starting as low as $39.79 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Fatboy Jr Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 100 customers ratings and reviews

Safe owner
written by davida5409 on December 22, 2018

My new safe
written by Charlien Bispo on December 10, 2018
I am so impressed with my new Fatboy Jr safe that I just had delivered. I chose the Fatboy Jr because I have a narrow doorway and many of the safes wouldn't fit into the area that I needed to fit it into. Not only that, I wanted a safe that had at least an hour of survival time in a fire. It also has all the features I wanted and then some. Yes, I did pick a safe larger than I thought I needed, but I am already seeing the wisdom of that. I also wanted my safe to be made in the USA, which is very important to me and I think American made products are of much higher quality. I certainly am right in this case, as my impression of this safe is quality. Debbie was the person that helped me in the store and she was so knowledgeable and answered all my questions and arranged for my safe's delivery. She was wonderful! The deliverymen were also great, being very careful and very capable, when they brought the safe into my house. They also stayed and made sure that I knew how to use the combination lock and the key on my new safe, and also answered all my questions. All in all, it was a great experience, dealing with your company and all the staff that I had contact with. A great team!

Liberty Safe's
written by JoJo on December 9, 2018
I like my Liberty safe, it is quite large but they say it's best to go bigger so that you don't have to buy another one. I got this awesome safe on Black Friday and glad I purchased it. Makes me feel safer that I can lock up my fire arms, important paper work, Chanel & Louis Vuitton purses, jewelry etc. Anything I value I can put in my safe and secure without any worries. Thank you to T & T Liberty Safe's in Fresno!!!!!

written by NONE on September 2, 2018

Love this safe
written by Alcamino55 on March 3, 2018
Got all the room needed at this time

written by Jminnie on February 8, 2018

Bigger than you think
written by Chief on December 30, 2017
Very nice, inside is bigger once its home. Great price.

GREAT SAFE!! Happy with my Purchase
written by Devon MO on November 13, 2017
High Quality and American Made! Great Warranty to back It!!

I'm feeling a lot more secure right now ...
written by patrickmtb on September 6, 2017
I'm feeling a lot more secure right now following the purchase and installation of my Liberty Safes Fatboy Jr. D-48. With a competitor's smaller closet safe holding important documents, cash, and handguns I was never completely confident of a favorable result from an incident either involving fire or intruders. Now, due to Liberty Safes demonstrated quality, reliability, resistance to theft, and fire protection, I am fully confident that what needs to be protected will indeed be protected. Additionally, the warranty blanketing this product affirmed by testimonials from those who were unfortunate enough to require a warranty request is comforting. Thank you, Liberty Safes, your attention to detailed quality and customer support is appreciated.

Best Safe a man can Invest in
written by The Fam 661 on August 14, 2017
Fatboy Jr. is a great starter safe.

Excellent Value
written by David S. on August 12, 2017
Purchased this for all around home and gun safe needs. Beautiful in looks and my buddy ended up buying a similar products because of my interest. Would recommend to anyone looking for a home safe.

Very nice safes
written by happy w/bullet/arrow on June 26, 2017
I also own another company's 500lb. safe the TNT brand safe seems like custom in comparison.

My safe
written by Pistachio Farmer on June 21, 2017
Love my safe. Holds all my varmint control items.

written by S. Rodgers on June 12, 2017
I love the safe, functionality, and ease of use. I would recommend Liberty Safes to anybody considering buying one. EVER!

Fatboy Jr
written by A. Booth on May 17, 2017
The perfect size safe was just installed in a closet in my house. Fits right in, allows for curtain or maybe a door to conceal it. Ideal size for my weapons, documents and valuables. 2 electronic key codes allows my wife to access and store her valuables. We bought the 2 battery powered light strips that work for us. We also decided to go with the dehumidifying silica gel box. The door pockets are handy. The exterior is cool dark green marbled finish. The shelves and rifle slots are all adjustable to fit our needs. Only had it 1 day so we are very excited and pleased with the purchase. Especially because we took advantage of the "no tax" offer this month.

Fatboy Jr Safe
written by Paul on May 16, 2017
Purchased this safe with all intentions of adding more firearms in the future. It definitely leaves me room to add more without worrying of outgrowing it. If you have the opportunity, get this safe. You won't go wrong.

The best safe I've ever owned!
written by Jmascorro on April 18, 2017
Everything from inside to outside met and exceeded my expectations. The looks are so good it can be showcased inside your main living room! Very happy and proud to be a liberty safe owner.

Buy a Liberty you won't be sorry!!!
written by Cowauctioneer84 on April 13, 2017
I just purchased my Liberty Fat Boy Jr and had it delivered today. Man oh man the quality is great and I look to filling it up soon. I highly recommend that if you are in the market for a safe Buy a Liberty there American Made and Solid as A Rock!!!

Nothing beats Liberty!!
written by Art on March 2, 2017
Just received our safe this morning. After almost 4 months of shopping around we finally decided on a FatBoy Jr. Can't beat their warranty and the quality of this safe is beyond excellent. The fire rating on this safe is definitely a plus. Also bought 2 HD-100 Quick Vaults which are amazing as well. When all said and done you're going to get what you pay for.

Excellent Safe
written by dw on February 27, 2017
it is awesome

Great Produce
written by Ironman on October 27, 2016

Style, and function all in one
written by Chuck on October 27, 2016
This safe is exactly what I was looking for. There's no other warranty out there like libertys. The fatboy jr is the perfect fit for me. Highly recommend this safe to anyone in the market.

Amazing Gun Safe!
written by Devin on October 25, 2016
Really nice gun safe! Plenty of room for all of my firearms and ammunition as well as important document and jewelry for my wife and I. Great quality components with great customer service. Cannot beat MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!!

Happy and relieved
written by Buck on October 20, 2016
Needed a safe for many years. Very relieved to know my guns and valuables are secure from theft, fire, and little grandchildren. It is also a nice looking piece of furniture my wife doesn't mind in the living room. That makes me happy. Happy wife happy life.

Getting what you pay for.
written by Michael Grayson on October 14, 2016
This safe has got it all to start the size of the safe is perfect, the quality and craftsmanship is excellent and last but not least the lifetime warranty is the cherry on top. With all those great things said you may feel like you are paying a little more but you are getting a top of the line quality product in return with a lifetime warranty. It's hard to complain about anything especially when you get it home and load your guns and personal belongings in it makes you feel that much better for paying the few extra bucks to get the extra room and protection this safe gives you.

I love my Fatboy Jr.
written by Mario G. Lopez on October 12, 2016
I waited four years to purchase my safe, one saving for it and two convincing my wife, but due to current events I feel this makes more sense to purchase a safe, I originally was thinking of purchasing a centurion 24, then I upgraded to the Revere 23 two days before the delivery date, Liberty Safe came out with their fall sale and the Fat Boy Jr. sale price was at my price range so I called the dealer and upgraded to the FatBoy Jr. I could not be more happier with this safe it has a lot of space and much better construction with 11 gauge steel and twelve 1nch bolts and better fire rating. I've always wanted this safe but it was not in my price range. So THANK YOU Liberty Safe for helping me out. This safe is double of the space that I originally need it but I am sure I will find items I may want to place in my Liberty Safe. Also keep in mind your buying an American Product and helping your fellow Americans, don't take a chance on cheap box store safes from China or Mexico, American workers have a better sense of pride and workmanship and know the importance of keeping your valuables safe from theft and fire. Hope my review helps you make your decision do your homework and look at which safe is best for you, but also read the warranty, I found Liberty Safe warranty to be the best, place close attention to their writing on how they determine their warranty this is very important while Liberty is simple and has no loopholes in their writing so this is why I decided to purchase my Liberty Safe.

Glad we bought big
written by Buck Thomas on September 27, 2016
We heard that many people have wished that they had bought bigger safes, so we bought the biggest safe that could fit in our master bedroom closet. We do not regret it at all! It is bolted to the floor, fits what we need to put in there, and was worth every penny. Now when we travel we can have peace of mind knowing that our valuables are protected.

written by James Patterson on August 30, 2016

personal use.
written by pete on August 19, 2016

Awesome safe
written by Badj on August 17, 2016

Fatboy jr
written by Justin on July 5, 2016
A very nice sade for the money well built

written by TWM68 on July 1, 2016

written by Outlaw trucker on June 30, 2016
After much research and comparison i decided to purchase the Fatboy jr. I must say it was the best decision i could have made! Libertys reputation for quality and security are secound to none! The finish is awesome, everything about this safe is solid and the locking mechanism just feels satisfying! ...and it looks great in my home! Made in china safe's cannot compare! Thanks Liberty!!

Great safe
written by Raul H on May 1, 2016
Love my safe don't think I'll have to up grade plenty of room for my needs

Fatboy JR
written by John Blacksill on January 10, 2016
Very nice large safe. Very affordable. Great quality safe. Made in USA.

written by Sandra on January 7, 2016
Is a very safety safe and a lot paces for everything, I really love it.

written by MONTE SR on December 26, 2015

written by madmax on December 21, 2015
Made in America so Americans can eat. And as a bonus, American quality. It will be in my family for generations. Very happy with my safe. I will buy more Liberty products.

written by Jamie H. on December 1, 2015
Absolutely love the safe - a friend has a safe and he came by to see our safe - wishes he could have bought the Fatboy Jr., but it wouldn't fit in the area he had for a safe (interior closet). Very pleased with the safe, the sale, and the delivery!

written by Homer Wayne on October 2, 2015
This safe is very large and well built. You can tell how much better the quality is than the cheep Chinese safes. The price really isn't much more than comparing it to a same size China made safe. Well worth it. When you are locking up several thousand dollars of firearms and some non- replacable family guns, and important documents, why try to find the absolute cheapest safe possible. Plus the number one thing is its made in the USA. That could be one of your family members that live in Utah and need a job where they build these things.

on point!
written by Johnny Kaos on September 22, 2015
To early to write a review on the safe? i just received my safe. everything is great for now. but something could come up? but sales staff and delivery staff was great and on point!

Great product | Logistics need improvement
written by Chad Heidrich on September 8, 2015

A good safe not over the top in price
written by Rob on August 27, 2015
This safe holds all my guns, has adjustable shelves, and the delivery service was good (hard to set a convenient time however). It appears to be a good heavy safe with decent fore protection that didn't break the bank.

Fatboy JR
written by Cuevas on August 23, 2015
Very good safe for such a reasonable price. Would recommend to anyone looking to purchase a good size safe to store valuables and have that peace of mind

Day 1 of the Fatboy Jr.
written by Fred68 on August 3, 2015
So far very pleased with my new safe. Very well constructed. Nice finish. Wish when advertised they would be real about the qty of rifles they hold. Advertised at 48, will hold 24 to 30 in the real world. maybe close to 40 if just basic rifles, no scopes, mags attached, bipods or whatever. I knew this going into it. Now you know. Will update this if I can after some more use of the safe and after I attempt to change the digital combo.

Fatboy Jr
written by Jarred Cleaver on June 2, 2015
The Fatboy Jr is a great bang for your buck safe. I have nothing but great things to say about it. With that being said the only issue I am having with it is that my shotguns will not fit other than in the front unless I move the top shelf up which would leave a gap between the shelf and divider. I chose not to do this, the shotguns have to be placed in the front but when you close the door they hit the inside of the door causing them to be pushed back. Even if the divider had been a half inch higher placing the top shelf higher it still would not solve the problem of the guns that are in the first row from hitting the door. I can live with this no problem. This safe is great, I understand that you get what you pay for and this safe being the best for the price you are going to run into certain things. I would recommend this safe to anyone.

Can't Beat Up a Little Fatboy
written by Rewinderjim on May 1, 2015
I just bought a Fatboy Jr. and it is worth every dime I paid for it. It will provide a piece of mind knowing my valuables are locked up and SAFE when I am traveling. The service and staff at T&T Liberty Safes in Bakersfield are awesome! The delivery and installation was top notch and took very little time. Safe was placed exactly where i wanted it and mounted to the floor. The safe itself is is very versatile and can be configured any way needed. Best part of all, it's made IN THE USA!!

Awesome safe
written by Hotdog on April 30, 2015

George S Jones
written by GSJ on April 7, 2015
It looks good

Large but not to large
written by Plumbing Doc on April 5, 2015
Has enough room for all of my long guns, but the over/unders in the hard cases are very hard to get in. Shelfs need to be stronger as they sag with weight.

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