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Lincoln Series

#1 Rated Safe in America!

Liberty Safe Lincoln Series safes are BIGGER, STRONGER AND TOUGHER than ever before! With its 90 minutes of Fire Protection and incredible Security Features, it is no wonder the Liberty Lincoln Safe has been consistently voted as the #1 Rated Safe by Sportsman throughout the country. Lincoln safes also include Liberty's sleek 5-point Handle, 12 Color options, Clearview Lights, and beautiful Upgraded Interiors.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,649
Payments starting as low as $60.26 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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Lincoln Ratings and Reviews

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Liberty Safe
written by JX 42042 on December 13, 2018
I have not regretted purchasing my Liberty safe. It has surpassed my expectations, so much so I will be making another Liberty safe purchase in the near future.

Functional AND Beautiful
written by Weluvmcgwire on November 2, 2018
Fantastic quality, great accessories, wide range of exterior colors. Looks beautiful in my home and complements my existing d├ęcor. Easily stores my long guns and the door organizer holds all my handguns, clips and more. Love that I have 90 minutes of fire protection, plus a large insulated pocket on the door accessory provides further protection from heat for items such as important documents, jewelry, etc. The adjustable shelving is sturdy enough to easily support heavy items. Love, love, love the lights - I can easily see everything in my safe! Liberty has thought of virtually every need. I will never own another brand of safe - my brother-in-law owns THREE of them,, and now I see why!!!

Good solid safe
written by Bladeknight on November 1, 2018
The people at T&T Liberty Safes were very nice and helpful. Would recommend them to anyone needing a safe or that have questions.

Great Safe
written by Jerry in CA on May 7, 2018
The Lincoln series safe fit all the needs I had and then some. Several sizes to choose from and a versatile interior. Looked at several different manufacturers and chose to purchase from T&T Liberty Safes in Bakersfield. The staff is amazing and extremely knowledgeable they took the time to listen to what I was looking for and helped me choose the best safe for my needs. If you are considering buying a safe this is the place to go.

Awesome safe
written by Jon D. on February 21, 2018
Pleasant staff, great experience, my wife and I couldn't be happier!
Jon, Bakersfield, Ca.

I love it
written by Jeff D. on February 17, 2018
My wife bought t this safe for my Birthday . Best Birthday gift ever! I love the look and functionality of the safe . The electronic combination lock is simple and quick to use , making entry to safe convenient and faster than units with rotary combo . Super glad we picked that style. Safe also makes a great piece of furniture with the beautiful burgundy finish. We couldn't be happier with the safe and glad the extra money was spent on Liberty versus another brand.

written by JASON CURRY on January 11, 2018

Excellent safe
written by Robert Schiavone on December 28, 2017
First class safe. Fit and finish perfect. Looks beautiful in my office. Should not think twice about purchasing this hi quality safe.

Fantastic and amazing first safe!
written by Jesse Rojas on December 26, 2017
After extensive research and requests for recommendations from friends and the online world, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Liberty makes the best looking and best made safes in the USA! I feel like a patriot buying a safe from Liberty. Honestly, if you're going to buy a safe, do not go cheap and quick, get a good Liberty Safe for a lifetime. A safe is no joke and you shouldn't be cheap on the price and quality. Go to a local dealer, they will truly help you and explain everything about gun safe ownership, plus the delivery from T&T Liberty Safes in my case was absolutely great plus super experience installation for a low price.

written by Bo on December 19, 2017

written by JD Long on October 17, 2017
My wife and I walked in to the warehouse looking for a new safe for my gun collection. Little did I know we would be purchasing our next piece of furniture. Not only is this safe going to keep all of my weapons safe from fire and theft. It is also very nice to look at. So much so we remodeled a room around the safe.

Thank you Liberty safe

Great Safe
written by The Reverend on June 21, 2017
Moved up to the lager '50' series safe as I was running out of room. This is a great safe, locking mechanism is as solid as it gets. Very easy and quick access, my older electronic lock usually took several attempts to open the safe, not this one, you can fly through the numbers and it opens ever time. One solid unit!

written by Gil on May 31, 2017

Highly recommend the Liberty brand
written by CJ Max on May 17, 2017
I purchased a Liberty safe as an upgrade to the safe (same brand) that I've owned for the past 20 years. As my gun collection/valuables had grown, I was in need of more storage space. I'm amazed at how many new features have been added to the Liberty safes - the lighting, humidifier, and spacious interior design. The salesperson at the store was very informative, and the delivery crew did a great job. I would highly recommend the Liberty brand, and the fact that the safe is made in the USA - that's an important selling point to a patriot such as me.

written by Lady Shield on March 15, 2017
We purchased a Lincoln 50 Gray Marble. It was a very difficult with all the colors and features to choose from. It was like shopping for a car but better. This purchase is an investment and will be passed down to our children and hopefully thier children. I'm glad we decicided to go a bit bigger on the size. We purchased our Liberty Safe at T & T Liberty Safes in Bakersfield, California. I drove over 4 hours just to see the showroom, which is absolutely beautiful. The sales team there are awesome, very helpful and knowledgeable. We feel like we have our own personal vault in our home. Thanks again Debbie, Debra and Kyle!

One of the Best Purchases we ever Made!
written by Eric S. on February 21, 2017
So happy with our new safe. Would recommend Liberty to anyone looking to purchase one. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are well made, the inside is adjustable to fit our needs. Having a safe gives you peace of mind if ever there is a robbery or fire, your important documents and keepsakes are protected.

Thumbs up!
written by N. Montano on January 30, 2017
You get what you pay for. Looks good, works good, protects good. simple as that!

written by jorge on December 21, 2016

Our Gray Marble Lincoln 50
written by Lady Shield on November 10, 2016
I can't believe I'm going to say this! We actually looked at safes in Costco. It wasn't my idea! It was my husbands. A friend told him that he purchased his safe there and he loved it. Well we went to look at them. I wasn't impressed! My husband thought the pricing was awesome and right on budget. How do you really budget for a safe? Well! I said! "How safe is your safe".

I started researching and then I found Liberty Safes. The hard part now was which one do I pick? The selections were endless to me. Sizes, colors, Fire ratings, interior, locks, storage... do I go small? Do I go big? Well my approach was Liberty's Safes aren't just any safes. When you purchase one of these it is an investment and a family heirloom. How do you put a price on that? If you have guns, and other irreplaceable items how do you protect them? I never thought about a fire or burglary before until I did some late spring cleaning and came across my daughters scrap books and other memorable things that I put away. I wanted to preserve and protect them, along with any weapons we have. So I began to take inventory of what I wanted to protect and how much it would cost us to replace those items. Well! Once we did that! It was clear it had to be a Liberty Safe. And size did matter! "Go big or go home". NO! "Get bigger for your home". You will be surprised when you really take inventory of your valuables how much you really have and want to protect. Especially irreplaceable things. "

How safe is your safe"? "Liberty Safes makes safes to save you the worry". I look forward to passing this down to my daughters one day. Not sure which one will get it. But I do believe when that time comes Liberty Safes will still be around.

written by ALLEN on November 8, 2016

Quality and Affordable
written by TH on September 30, 2016
This is the second Liberty safe I have purchased over the past 11 years and I simply outgrew my previous safe. I purchased the Lincoln 35 for its features, quality, and price point. The safe is very well made and attractive while providing 90 minutes of fire protection. The D-Drive lock feature allowing you to keep the safe unlocked when entering the safe frequently throughout the day is another handy feature. You can't go wrong with Liberty.

written by Duane on September 26, 2016

American Made, Quality Product
written by KE on September 21, 2016
Spend your money on quality, American-made products. Liberty has a great product, life-time warranty and excellent customer service. My wife and I are both very happy with our choice; money well spent!

Just another safe?
written by Just another satisfied customer. on July 29, 2016
At first you might be thinking Liberty is just another safe company but once you get into the product and quality of the safes they have for sale you will be blown away. I noticed that Liberty offers a wide verity of safe options and if you are looking for a safe for different reasons they have the safe that will match up to your needs. Extra thick for maximum protection, they have that. Base protection to keep things out of the hands of your kids, they have that. Style and presentation, they have that. At first I thought I would not want a big box of metal in my house and it's only going in the garage but after seeing the other options and the sleek look of a finished painted safe it was installed in my office. No regrets! The added purchase of Liberty SAFeLERT Liberty safe accessory Completed my purchase and actually gives a great added bonus in protection.

Lincoln 25
written by Paul Howman on March 23, 2016
So far so good. Like the looks. Starting to fill up.

Great job
written by Marty on January 25, 2016
Beautiful workmanship, finest quality and made in the USA

Lincoln 25
written by Skeezer2 on January 19, 2016
5 stars

Second to None
written by Satisfied in Central California on December 2, 2015
After careful review of a variety of safes from various companies, I chose a Liberty safe over all the other models.

First, Liberty safes had pricing to fit just about any budget, along with their lifetime warranty.

None of the other manufactures had the variety of features that the Liberty line of safes had. Not only did each line of safes have different sizes and features, the selection of color combinations with interior colors made the selection process much more difficult than I expected.

Each line of safes had a fire ratings, so you could select the level of fire protection that you wanted.

All in all, I feel that I chose the best safe, with all the features I wanted to protect my firearms and valuables for the price. I would not hesitate to recommend a Liberty safe to anyone else.

Amazing quality
written by Justin on September 15, 2015
Only had the safe for a day but the quality is amazing. I upgraded from a 24 gun cannon safe that was made in China and you can really tell the difference. Unfortunately the buying experience left something to be desired. Paid in full the beginning of July and was told the safe would be ordered that day and it's expected to be in August 22 but was assured it never takes that long. On the 22nd I called and was told that Liberty was backup up manufacturing safes and it would take an additional 3 weeks. This was unacceptable to me and I contacted liberty directly. They had no backlog of safes and the local company called me back and explained that it wasn't ordered for over 2 weeks after I purchased it. Al least they refunded the delivery fee.

Getting our Safe
written by Don on September 10, 2015
I like the color and it was very shiny and had a nice feel when I opened the door of the safe. After talking with the owner of the store about the different models we narrowed down our search until we settled on this safe. Just like the Lincoln cars, Lincoln Safes are classy and have a good reputation.

written by on August 22, 2015

Loved It !!!
written by Danny on August 4, 2015
I loved it just what i was looking for

Lincoln 50 safe
written by Jessie Alvarez on June 19, 2015
5 star safe

Liberty Lincoln Safe
written by Bryan on June 2, 2015
The safe is attractive and can be placed in any room in the home. My wife picked the white paint and she really loves the way it looks. She was not sure if she wanted a big safe in the house but now says she couldn't put it anywhere else. I bought this safe on the Liberty Safe web sight and it was easy to do. I was contacted by the dealer the next day who helped finish the process and set up a delivery date. Great experience will recommend to family and friends.

Still very new
written by "George Washington" on May 21, 2015
So far the purchase and delivery was a very pleasant experience, and overall, it looks great!

written by Farmer S on May 14, 2015
This safe has met all of my expectations. Would highly recommend.

Top Notch Quality
written by Shawn M on February 23, 2015
Great quality safes with for a great price. Best fire rating I could find out of all of the US manufactured safes.

Lincoln 35
written by bob on January 30, 2015
5 star Lincoln Safe

Large safe, great quality
written by Freddie p on January 11, 2015
Size is excellent and holds a ton of ammo and guns. Quality is great. Everything was as expected when delivered.

LIncoln 25 Safe Review
written by Dawgman on January 10, 2015
One of the best out there on market that you can get. Floor models on sale but check out very closely.I purchase one for a reduced price and only noticed after 2 years (correct lighting), Liberty Safes logo was touched up with close resembling silver/gray paint on some of the letters. Did not notice when purchased. Probably changed as it aged. Pretty good attempt, didn't catch it for 2 years. Not that big of a deal. Do not go any smaller. I would buy this size at a minimum and/or go up. Especially if two people involved. You will use the space up. Get the full led lighting, jewelry box, dehumidifier and 90 minutes fire protection. Overall, I am very happy with it.

Top notch safe
written by R Cerioni on January 7, 2015
Hands down, best bang for the buck. Didn't realize how much better I now sleep at night knowing all items our family posses that are small and of high value are not leaving the house EVER without my permission. Now, we won't be the victim of some burglary that we have all heard about happening to someone else close to us who had "everything" stollen. Beautiful addition to our home!

written by K. O'NEAL on December 11, 2014

Great Safe
written by Matt Dominguez on October 28, 2014
This safe has everything we needed and wanted in a safe. Great purchase!

Most economical Liberty Safe.
written by Suzie on October 26, 2014
The Lincoln safe is a beautiful safe inside and out. A family can not go wrong in purchasing a Lincoln safe. It is big enough to hold a lot of items, personal and emergency items.

Great safe, little trouble on the finer details
written by Brett on October 5, 2014
I would definitely recommend the Lincoln Series of Liberty Safes. Mine was just delivered 3 days ago and I love it, great quality, very solid. The safe and its overall function are great and it looks great too. the only problems I have with it are small but I feel I have to mention them here because of the price tag of the safe, if I had paid less for it I don't think these things would have bugged me at all. First the leather trim the wraps around the shelves was only glued onto the shelves in spots about every 1"-1.5". It causes a problem when I take things out because they will occasionally catch on the trim slightly and if it is an area with no glue it pulls the trim, pulling the glued areas off leaving the trim even less attached than before. The other small problem was that a guard on the inner locking surface (I presume it is there to stop the locking bolt from scraping along the edge) was not installed properly; it was hanging out causing the bolt to scrap against it whenever I would close or open the safe. Please understand that is not a problem with the safe itself just a minor problem with assembly. But again for the money I spent I expected it to show up immaculate. Now I feel I must stress that the overall quality of the safe, its function, finish, layout, customization, accessories, as well as the sales staff at the distributor I purchased mine from are all outstanding.

Lincoln 50
written by Frankie Opiela on July 24, 2014
I would definitely recommend liberty to anyone looking for a great quality safe. sarah at liberty helped me greatly she walked me through all and any questions I had which made up my mind quickly. I have no doubt I made the right purchase.

First Safe
written by George Patton on June 5, 2014
The Lincoln LX 25 Safe is a very solid and robust safe. I purchased this safe knowing I wanted security and to protect my valuables; I am very happy with this purchase.

Looks and Likes!
written by JP on June 3, 2014
The look of the safe is absolutely the best. The interior is well defined and able to be customized as needed or desired. Like the fact that so many extras are included in the safe purchase. The dealership was spectacular and would recommend this safe or any Liberty safe to anyone!

written by John Paul on May 7, 2014
Received the safe today!
Very nice, everything was as expected, the options were very useful and set-up was simple.

Excellent Product!!!
written by William on April 23, 2014
I would highly recommend the Lincoln 35 safe to anybody!!! As they say in their advertising, always buy the biggest safe you an afford, mine is almost full already!

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